It Ate My Sister (the audiobook!)


Ever wish your life was different? That you could rewrite the past and create a new and improved reality?

Award winning author and storyteller Mark Binder has been lying for years!

IT ATE MY SISTER is a quirky “novel of stories” about Mark’s life growing up and feuding with his older sister, Ellen.

“We didn’t hate each other,” he says in the opening minutes of this delightful audiobook. “We just couldn’t stand each other. Everything I did drove her crazy, and everything she did was designed to torture me.”

From the very first chapter about a science experiment gone awry, readers of all ages will enjoy listening to adventures, misadventures, and more than a few outrageous “lies”. Favorites include:

  • “The Bully and the Shrimp,” where Mark’s cousin, Adam takes on and, with sage advice from their former professional wrestler uncle “Mo the midget,” defeats the ginormous school bully, Butch Mattingly. 
  • “Runninghead,” a gruesome near escape from an impossible monster.
  • “The P.I. Kid,” a summer camping trip gone awry.
  • “The Tale of Bad Breath Bill” and “Abu Hassan’s Mighty Wind” two stories that are pure entertainment.
  • and “Ellen vs. The Snakes” the final chapters that bring the siblings closer. For a moment or two at least.

In addition to the fun, funny and occasionally scary narratives, IT ATE MY SISTER plays with the structure and form of the audiobook itself. It includes both the world’s first audiobook “Middleduction” and several “Backtracks” with a live performance and some thoughts on the difference between spoken-word and audiobook storytelling. 

IT ATE MY SISTER is meant for adults but sold to young people. Or perhaps it’s a book designed for young people that adults will enjoy. Regardless, we know you’ll have fun listening.

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