The Zombie Cat (the audiobook!)

The Zombie Cat (Audiobook Cover)
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Ride monster waves, confront a witch, and battle the forces of Fectville with stench-filled water guns.

Ever been to the beach? Gone trick or treating? Heard ghost stories at summer camp? Have you ever conducted scientific reanimation experiments in the basement? 

“My friends and I just wanted to relax and have fun,” says author and narrator Mark Binder. “We didn’t mean to get into trouble. The trouble always found us…”

Mark Binder is the Audie Award nominated author and storyteller, who tours the world sharing stories with readers and listeners of all ages. 

From scientific experiments gone awry to an awesome water battle, THE ZOMBIE CAT is a fun, funny, disgusting and exciting book that is fun for listeners of all ages and abilities. 

What happens when Rover brings his sister’s cat from the dead? How does Adam finally go boogie boarding? Was it really a good idea for Charlie to take candy from the doorstep of the witch’s house? And who won the inter-school game of capture the flag played with stinky water balloons? 

Humor, Horror and Stanks

THE ZOMBIE CAT is really two audio books in one: “Rewind” is seven stories, and “The Stench Bomb War” is a full length chapter book (novel). So, it counts as two books toward any reading-quota. Updated with a new Postscript by the author!

The audiobook includes two live bonus chapters.

THE ZOMBIE CAT is the stand-alone companion book to IT ATE MY SISTER.

THE ZOMBIE CAT is meant for adults but sold to young people. Or perhaps it’s a book designed for young people that adults will enjoy. Regardless, we know you’ll have fun listening.

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