Winter Blessings

Available Autumn 2021
20% more stories than most Hanukkah books!

An Award Winning Novel of Stories for the Whole Family

Coming October 2021

Whether you spell it Hanukkah or Chanukah, you don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy Winter Blessings.

Winters are crazy in The Village. Winds blow icy, food gets scarce, and darkness comes too soon.
But lights from holiday candles always lift the heart. 

  • Find out who invented the Chanukah present?
  • What’s with Joseph Katz and the dreidles?
  • Where did that white duck end up?
  • When will it stop being so cold?!
  • Why did Rabbi Kibbitz leave a cryptic message? 
  • And how will Rachel Cohen save The Village?

“… all cultural backgrounds will be entertained by these tales.” –School Library Journal

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