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– The Bed Time Story Book Audiobook Media Release
Cover Image – The Bed Time Story Book (audiobook)

THE ZOMBIE CAT (audiobook)
Zombie Cat (audiobook) by Mark Binder – Media Release
Cover Image – The Zombie Cat Audiobook

IT ATE MY SISTER (audibook)
Media Kit – It Ate My Sister
Cover Image – It Ate My Sister

Media Kit – The Village Twins
Book Cover Image – The Village Twins
Audiobook Cover – The Village Twins

Media Release 2/15/22 – Folk Arts Fellowship Announcement

Media Release 2/15/22 – The Seagull – a chapbook

Media Kit – The Village Feasts

Media Kit – The Village Life Series (rev 1/12/21)

Media Kit – Winter Blessings Media Kit (rev.8/20/21)

The Village Feasts (book 3) – Passover stories for families

Winter Blessings (book 2) – Hanukkah stories for families

A Village Romance (book 1) – a short and sweet book for adults

The Village Twins (book 4) – a novel for adults (coming Late Spring. 2022)

Author Photos

Mark Binder’s Books and Audios

The Seagull, The Big Blue Bugs, A Winnebago, and The Independent Man

The Groston Rules

Summer 2020 – a live audiobook

  • Summer 2020 – a live audiobook by Mark Binder: Media Kit