These books are for adults – young and old alike. Some contain “adult” language. Some contain adult themes. Some will be enjoyable by younger people with more advanced reading habits.

The Fuck Ups Squareish cover

What happens AFTER everything goes wrong                      Seven friends trying to graduate high school get caught up with bullying, climate change, and other disasters… You know that time when life was hell, but in retrospect seems pretty good? Yeah. You do.  Isaac Cohen and his friends in Team Bombshelter got shuntedContinue Reading

The Brothers Schlemiel - Cover

“Wired Words/Electric Prose” —Providence Phoenix                      Meet Abraham and Adam. From the day they are born, “those Schlemiel twins” are trouble. No one, not even their parents, can tell them apart, which is sometimes an advantage.  They use their wits to create mischievous pranks, foil thieves, meet governors and kings,Continue Reading


Nominated for Audie Award for Original Work                      Who says Thor’s a good guy? “A well-told tale of the Norse gods… told not from the point of view of the heroic Thor or Odin, but through the eyes of Loki, the trickster.… As Binder says in his introduction, this isContinue Reading

Mark Binder’s “Life in Chelm” series Visit Chelm for Hanukkah. Delightful  tales to give and share. For families and young people available in print and storytelling audio book Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature. Eleven stories and a full-length novella No, you don’t have to beContinue Reading