A Dead Politician, An Undead Clam, And An Ancient Horror

Limited edition chapbook in it’s third printing!

A limited-edition chapbook

Corruption, Creatures and Clams.

Home to H.P. Lovecraft and haunted by Edgar Allen Poe, Rhode Island has long been a nexus of horror.

In this collection, award-winning author and storyteller Mark Binder shares tales of horrific history, pernicious politics and fatal food.

“One of Rhode Island’s Leading Storytellers” –Providence Journal

What lurks under the streets of Providence?
What is swimming up Narragansett Bay?
What do you do with a bloated city councilor?

If you listen carefully, as you wander the darkened streets of PRovidence late at night, perhaps you will hear a sound…”

This is a limited edition chapbook – NOT available on Amazon — ONLY available in select stores, and directly from the author.

The audiobook, which includes stories from “The Seagull, The New York System, a Winnebago and The Big Blue Bugs” includes both studio and live stories.

Audiobook Cover

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