The Council of Wise Women

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“Abrahmson’s prose savvily mixes the homey and the surreal… he’s a master…” –Publishers Weekly

Magical soup, a secret society, and a young girl, wise beyond her years…

When Rachel Cohen is born, her parents’ marriage begins to crack. As she grows, and her village teeters on the brink, it is up to her and The Council of Wise Women to cook up a plan and step in.

Family breakdowns, a village on the edge of famine, and the challenges of a beloved community…
How much meddling is too much? 

With a warm sense of humor, Izzy Abrahmson spins a delightful novel of The Village Life that will make you smile, and maybe shed a tear. 

A spellbinding story of love, loss, independence, reconciliation, and the power of women.

You won’t want this book to end.

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The Council of Wise Women (preorder)

The Council of Wise Women (preorder)


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