The Village Twins

The Village Twins by Izzy Abrahmson - book cover
A warm novel full of laughter
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Abraham and Adam Schlemiel are identical twins who change places at whim, but struggle with identity issues. Both fall in love with Rosa, a Gypsy princess. When war comes, one must flee, and the other remains.

“In the spirit of Sholem Aleichem… These stories of identical twins, confused from birth, will charm with their simplicity and sincerity.” –  AudioFile

Life in The Village is rarely quiet or uneventful, but after The Village Twins are born, everything gets even crazier.

“…a good story very well told” – The Jewish Independent

Rebecca and Jacob Schlemiel are looking forward to their first child, but the delivery of Abraham and Adam throws them both for a loop. These boys are so identical that their parents, teachers and eventually their wives can’t tell them apart. To be honest, until their fifth birthday they weren’t totally sure which was who.

The Village Twins is a comedy set in a place you’d love to visit and a past that never existed. You’ll meet all the members of the community, who come together to raise this unruly duo.

Adam is the troublemaker who loves to create elaborate pranks. Abraham is quieter and usually takes the blame for his brother’s misadventures. As teens, they both fall in love with Rosa Kalderash, a wandering princess. This might have worked out, but the Russian army is looking for Adam, who falls in love with Rivka Cantor, the merchant’s daughter, who thinks he’s Abraham.… Confused? Imagine how they felt.

The Village Twins will make you laugh and smile, and perhaps shed a tear. It’s is a delicious and exciting novel of confused identities told in delicious bite-sized chapters. You won’t want to put it down, but if you do, you will come back to it again and again… At last, one of the very first ebooks is restored to its full glory. 

The Village Twins is a book to savor. It’s a timeless book that resonates in today’s fast-paced digital society.

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More Early Reviews

“…it’s clear from the start that there is nothing factual about this book, which traces the lives of the Schlemiel family and the community that surrounds them. [Readers] will really get the humor written between the lines.… the mix-ups are many and the potential for laughter abundant” —Jewish Book World

“Wired Words/Electric Prose” – Providence Phoenix

“Schlemiels in cyberspace… old-fashioned storytelling in a newfangled way.” —The Providence Journal

“Laughing out loud humor… very poignant and sweet” —Jewish Herald Voice, Houston, TX

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