The Village Life

On the edge of The Black Forest, somewhere between Russia, Poland, and occasionally Germany is a small village filled with warm and wonderful characters.
Izzy Abrahmson’s “The Village Life” series is a delightful escape from 21st Century anxiety.
Yes, you can read them in any order. Yes, they’re for adults. Yes, many of the stories are appropriate for children.
No, you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy them — they’re like rye bread, tasty, nutritious, light and filling.
“The mix-ups are many and the potential for laughter abundant” – Jewish Book World

the latest novel by Izzy Abrahmson Magical soup, a secret society, and a young girl, wise beyond her years… When Rachel Cohen is born, her parents’ marriage begins to crack. As she grows, and her village teeters on the brink, it is up to her and The Council of WiseContinue Reading

The Cracked Potter (front book cover - square)

a limited edition chapbook by Izzy Abrahmson “…a lovely and warm story inspired by the author’s experience as a pottery widower.” – Ceramics Now NOT available on Amazon!On the edge of the Black Forest is a small village called Chelm. One day, a visitor arrives, covered with mud. Nava OrtliebContinue Reading

The Village Twins by Izzy Abrahmson Book Cover

Abraham and Adam Schlemiel are identical twins who change places at whim, but struggle with identity issues. Both fall in love with Rosa, a Gypsy princess. When war comes, one must flee, and the other remains. “In the spirit of Sholem Aleichem… These stories of identical twins, confused from birth,Continue Reading

The Village Feasts Audiobook Cover

Delicious Passovers in The Village Izzy Abrahmson’s THE VILLAGE FEASTS warms the heart Ten tasty tales adults and children of all ages will enjoy again and again. Delightful and amusing. THE VILLAGE FEASTS is the follow-up collection to WINTER BLESSINGS by National Jewish Book Award For Family Literature nominee IzzyContinue Reading

Winter Blessings Book Cover

The Award-Winning Novel of Stories for the Whole Family Whether you spell it Hanukkah or Chanukah, you don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy Winter Blessings. Winters are crazy in The Village. Winds blow icy, food gets scarce, and darkness comes too soon.But lights from holiday candles always lift theContinue Reading

A Village Romance Front Cover

ON SALE NOW –New Love For Old Souls She’s the caterer. He’s the rabbi.They’ve known each other for years.Finally, they’re getting together! “Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul will almost certainly make you laugh – and might even cause you to shed a tear.” – Jewish Rhode Island “troubled congregants… warmContinue Reading