Loki Ragnarok

The Viking Armageddon retold by the trickster

They broke into his home. They kidnapped his children. Left his wife bound and gagged on the floor, where she choked and died. He had once helped them, been their friend and blood brother. The story of Loki echoes the cycles of violence and revenge playing out across our world. Told with a blend of poetry and prose, humor and horror, it offers no solution — but a glimmer, perhaps of understanding and compassion.

LOKI RAGNAROK is the Viking Armageddon retold by the trickster. In the shadow of prophecy, a family is torn asunder, leading to betrayal, torture, madness and revenge.

It begins with Loki, chained to a rock, listening for the trumpet that will announce the end of the world. Loki tells his side of the story.

“For nearly a thousand years, the tale of Ragnarok – the Norse myth of Apocalypse – has painted Loki as a Satan-like evil. With a fast-paced blend of prose and poetry, award-winning author Mark Binder offers an epic revision of the Eddas with modern resonance.”
– Duval, Between Myth, Lies, and History

On the eve of battle
is the time to tell tales,
sing ballads, glorious stories,
remembering, reliving, reveling
in all that has been.
Tomorrow all ends in blood.

– Loki

What drives homicidal madness?

On the brink of Apocalypse, why would anyone kindle utter destruction?

Pop culture relies on heroes to save the day. Their choreographed fights are entertaining. We will be safe.

Loki Ragnarok gives a horrific villain a voice with measures of rage, humor and compassion.

“Mark Binder has a knack for blending ancient mythology with modern storytelling techniques to create a vibrant and contemporary tale.”

Available in Hardcover and Audio Book. 

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Loki’s Saga

This tale I tell began long before time, and will not finish until the last coals of creation burn to smoldering dust.

This is a tale of gods and giants,
of ice and fire.
Of the world of men, small though they be,
unmatched in their scrabbling, scratching, fighting, clawing, biting, hacking their way into the brief and glorious light of the sun before their flimsy candles are snuffed,
and darkness is all once more.

This is the tale of Ragnarok, the end of the world,
the end of time.
The great and glorious battle between the giants and the gods –

It begins…

Published by: Light Publications
Date Published: 11/01/2017
ISBN: 978-1-940060-28-6
Available in: Ebook Hardcover
Pages: 80
Release Date: 11/01/2017
ISBN13: 978-1-940060-28-6