The Fuck Ups

The Fuck Ups - Book Cover

What happens AFTER everything goes wrong

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Seven friends trying to graduate high school get caught up with bullying, climate change, and other disasters…

You know that time when life was hell, but in retrospect seems pretty good? 
Yeah. You do. 

Isaac Cohen and his friends in Team Bombshelter got shunted onto a clanking roller coaster of dysfunction.

“All we wanted was to get high and survive high school… My friends and I were seniors, and our last year was thrown into chaos. The plan was to coast through our final semester: get stoned, play video games, get into college, and get the hell out of town.
Instead, the shit kept hitting the fan – over and over and over again. Fights, floods, freezes… total fuck ups.
And some of it wasn’t even our fault…

***** Fun and Funny–with a bit of an edge
***** A tasty meal of a book”

The very first novel to be serialized on Spotify!

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