Summer Library Coupon – Every Hero Has a Story

A book that dovetails with the theme* and encourages summer reading!

Author and storyteller Mark Binder learned about the 2015 summer reading theme several years ago, and was immediately inspired.

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“All my stories feature strong heroes,” Mark Binder said. “Some are from traditional literature, like Jack, some are original, like Og the Caveman, and some are a blend, like Erika P. Spunk. When I perform at libraries, I often meet families with children of all ages. It seemed perfect and natural to compile a book of stories for families to share.”

Every Hero Has a Story is…

  • A chapter book of adventures for grades 3 and up
  • A collection to be read aloud to children PK and up
  • Many-layered in the tradition of the Arabian Nights
  • For parents, story fans, and elementary ages
  • Available in hardcover, softcover, and ebook

Synopsis: A flash flood rips a Prince and Princess from their carriage. Lost and alone in the deluge, they find refuge in a barn filled with strangers. Gathering around the fire to keep warm, one by one these unknown women and men tell their stories.

In Every Hero Has a Story, you’ll “hear” a contemporary version of Jack and the Beanstalk. You’ll smile at the wisdom of a young girl in The Contest, and laugh at the African folk-tale based How Rabbit Drank Boiling Water. There’s even a new addition to the Arabian Nights with The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor. By the end, the stories have done more than just pass the time. They have changed the lives of the Prince and Princess forever.

“Summer reading ought to be fun,” author Mark Binder explains. “My goal was to create a book that transcends age divisions. Librarians can perform the stories. Parents can read it aloud to younger children, and of course older children will enjoy reading it themselves.”

About the Author: Based in New England, Mark Binder tours the world transmitting the joy of written and spoken stories with listeners and readers of all ages. He is the author of dozens of books and audio recordings, including the best selling Bed Time Story Book series, and Cinderella Spinderella, the award-winning book celebrating diversity.

*NOTE: Every Hero Has a Story was inspired by the Collaborative Summer Library Program. While book titles can neither be copyright protected nor trademarked, the CSLP has granted permission for Mark Binder and Light Publications to use the title.
We thank them for their graciousness.