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Stories for Peace by Mark Binder

stories_for_peace_coverIn his new book, STORIES FOR PEACE, Mark Binder addresses the hard work of creat- ing peace and handling bullies both head on, and tangentially. Can an individual change the course of history? Can we stop bullies without fighting them? How can centering yourself work as protection?

STORIES FOR PEACE is a fun and quick read that grapples with deep ideas. Using an entertaining and action-provok- ing style, Mark Binder raises issues and offers alternatives. It includes ten stories and three essays, plus a new section on Cyberbullying.

Topics include: creating and resolving conflicts (“The Bully and the Shrimp”), choosing peace (“The Olive Orchard”), peace through negotiation (“The Boy Who Hated Pizza” and the power of peace (“Presenting the Past”).

Written in a breezy and entertaining style by an award-winning author, storyteller, martial artist and former congressio- nal candidate, STORIES FOR PEACE is must-reading for anyone who enjoys the challenge of creating peace, resolving conflicts, and handling bullies.

Based on Mark’s popular “Art of Peace” program, this collection of stories is for young people and adults alike.

Ten stories, three essays and a checklist of Cyberbullying Tips

Softcover: 116 pages, List Price $14.95
ebook: List Price $7.99
Release date: September 16, 2011