Site Licence Information

We wish that this process was easier, and expect that it will become more so in the future. In the meantime…

Some site licenses are granted to organizations for internal use.
Some site licenses may have provisions for distribution for external use.
NOTE: If you don’t have a site license agreement, then please contact us:

Along with your site license, you will receive a copy of the associated book, ebook or audio book.

This may be in the form of a digital download link, or a digital download card.

Please follow the directions that come with this link or card.
For help, please visit or email


  1. When you download your files, please do so on a computer that you will have access to. Downloading files on an unsecured computer or another digital device (like a tablet) may cause problems with subsequent distribution.
  2. Once those files have been downloaded and unzipped, you may copy or install them onto other devices.
  3. Copies may be used on computers, laptops, tablets, and digital readers. They may be projected on smart boards. EPUB files may be opened on web browsers.
  4. For details about how to install the files on any device, please visit or email

My link isn’t working…

The drop cards only work once. If you’ve made a mistake, please go to the Dropcard Help Desk:

Most other emailed links expire in 72 hours. If you have a problem, please email

What about backups?

Please backup your epubs and mobi files. We can not be responsible or replace lost file. If a download link fails, please email us.

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