eBook Card, Digital Download and Redemption Page

Welcome to our digital download nexus

We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible. Please read our FAQ if you have any questions.

The Basics: there are two places that you can download a file:on your computer or on a digital device.
– If you download on a computer, the download will typically go into your download folder. It will be backed up there, and live on your computer.
– If you download on a digital device like an iPad, Kindle Fire, Android OS or phone, then the file will often only exist on the device temporarily. You MUST save it to an ebook reader or a file management system like Dropbox.

To redeem your gift card, please enter the code on the back of your download card in the box below to begin downloading MP3s.
Note: If you are redeeming more than one card, please use the back button to return to this page to download another.

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