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Stories for Peace

Resolving conflicts / handling bullies
by Mark Binder

“The difference between violence and peace is often the story that is told from the beginning of the conflict to the end and beyond…”

Light Publications is pleased to announce the release of STORIES FOR PEACE by Mark Binder, the award-winning author and storyteller, who once ran for the United States Congress, and escaped victory by fewer than 10,000 votes.

STORIES FOR PEACE is a fun and quick read that will open new possibilities to handling difficult and uncomfortable problems. Using an entertaining and action-provoking style, the book raises issues and offers answers.

STORIES FOR PEACE looks at the causes of violence, and the choices people have in responding to it. It is a collection of eleven tales, two essays and a timely section on cyberbullying. Some stories are serious, some are quite funny and others are poignant.

Pieces include:

  • Divide and Conquer: A story about how a single soldier and the first Dalai Lama stopped the Mongol Horde from conquering Tibet.
  • The Olive Orchard: A woman is hurried from her house by an armed soldier, but stops along the way to plant a seed.
  • The Bully and the Shrimp: How can a small boy stop a bully?

The book is designed to be read on different levels. For young people, the stories will be fun and engaging. For older children, the stories and essays will raise questions and offer possibilities. Adults will find a variety of ways to use and enjoy this book as readers, teachers and practitioners of peace.

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