Mac or Windows or Linux eBook FAQ

“Can I read my eBooks on my Mac or Windows or Linux device?”

Yes you can, and there are a few options. eBooks are still new, so all the bugs aren’t worked out yet…

One quick way is to install the Chrome web browser app “Readium. Here are some others…

Calibre (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Calibre is a fantastic free ebook management tool. It allows you to read ebooks on any computer, and on any reading device.

  1. Download the EPUB file to your Downloads Folder
  2. Download and install Calibre
  3. Open Calibre
  4. Click “Add Books”
  5. Select the eBook!
  6. Read and enjoy!

Adobe Digital Editions Reader

Adobe offers a free ebook reader for Mac and Windows. It’s easy to use, but it sometimes does weird things if you have a big screen or monitor.

  1. Download the EPUB file to your Downloads Folder
  2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions Reader
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  4. Go to “Library View”
  5. Click the “Library” menu choice and select “Open” (or Command-O)
  6. Find your already downloaded EPUB file
  7. Open the ebook!
  8. Read and Enjoy!

Amazon Methods

Kindle Cloud Reader (Mac, PC, Linux)

  1. Purchase an Kindle Edition through Amazon. Or get one as a gift.
    (For instance, you can buy “Cinderella Spinderella” by clicking here)
  2. Begin using Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader by clicking here.
  3. Follow Amazon’s directions
  4. Your purchased ebook will already be in the “Cloud”
  5. Read and enjoy!

 Kindle for Mac or PC

  1. If you’ve purchased one of our DropCard eBookCards or have downloaded the .MOBI file directly from our website, and don’t want to buy another copy (which we understand!)
  2. Download that MOBI file
  3. Try this link, or do a Google Search for “Kindle for Mac” or “Kindle for PC” depending on your computer.
  4. Download the Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC and follow the installation directions
  5. Open that app
  6. Open the downloaded MOBI.
  7. Read and enjoy!

If you need help, please drop an email to and we’ll answer your question as soon as we can.