Loki Ragnarok: Audie Award Finalist for Best Original Work!

2019 Audie Finalist

February 4, 2019
Providence-based author Mark Binder has been named as an Audie Award Finalist for Original Work for his audiobook LOKI RAGNAROK.

LOKI RAGNAROK is not a Marvel Universe tale. Based on Norse Mythology, it tells the story of the Viking Armageddon from Loki’s point of view.

Performed by the author with a blend of humor, cynicism and rage, the 77 minute audiobook can help us understand the cycles of violence and revenge in our world.

Mark Binder is the author of more than 15 books and audio books for children, families and adults. 

The Audio book lists for $9.95. The hardcover edition is $24.95. The ebook edition is $9.95

For a limited time the audio book will be discounted.

The audio edition of LOKI RAGNAROK is available on audible.com, googleplayaudiobooks, scribd, and many other digital sources. 

LOKI RAGNAROK is NOT suitable for young children.

If you are interested in interviewing Mark Binder, please email me (pr@lightpublications.com).

Audie Award Media Release (PDF)