Kobo eBook FAQ

“How do I get my eBooks onto my Nook?”

We hear this a lot. eBooks are still new, so all the bugs aren’t worked out yet…

Drop Card eBookCard or Direct Purchase from Light Publications

  1. Download the EPUB edition into your Downloads Folder
  2. Plug in your USB cable to the nook and then into your USB input on your computer. Most computers have a USB input on the front these days and laptops on the side or back.
  3. You will see your computer recognize the device.
  4. Locate your ebook folder
  5. Find the My Documents folder on your nook
  6. Grab, drag and drop the ebook into the My Documents folder on the nook.
  7. Repeat as necessary
  8. Unplug nook from computer (on a Mac, remember to click “eject”)
  9. On the nook do a Search For New Content
  10. You new files should show up in the My Documents folder.
  11. Read and enjoy!

Kobo online or in-app purchase

This one’s easy. Buy it. Download it. Read and enjoy!

If you need help, please drop an email to info@lightpublications.com and we’ll answer your question as soon as we can.