How to give “A Hanukkah Present!”

How to give a book, ebook or audio through

  1. Click one of the links below to go to the site:
  2. To gift an amazon book, download or ebook, click the Give as a Gift button located under the Buy button on Kindle Store product detail pages.
  3. Enter the personal e-mail address for your gift recipient.
  4. Enter an optional gift message.  If you’d like to preview the notification your recipient will receive, click the Preview E-mail button.
  5. Click the Place your order button to finish your gift purchase using your Kindle 1-click payment method.
  6. Note: Make sure you enter the personal e-mail address for your gift recipient, not their e-mail address.

How to give iTunes – Audio

To send an iTunes Gift:

  1. Click the following link to go to the iTunes store:
  2. Click the arrow to the right of the Buy button; in the resulting menu, choose the Gift option.
  3. Once you’ve clicked Gift, you’ll either be asked to sign in with your account name and password, or you’ll see a “Give a Gift” page. You’ll need to fill in your recipient’s (and your) details, such as names, email addresses, and a personal message. It doesn’t matter which screen you get first, you will get both.

How to give iTunes – Ebooks

– “No, you cannot gift a book in the iBookstore at this time.” — BOO!

How to give Nook

– At this time, we haven’t seen a way to “gift” a nook book. (Let alone a nook cook book…)

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