Our gift for you…

Dear Hanukkah Story Fans,

Most Hanukkah collections  only offer eight stories. With Mark Binder’s book, “A Hanukkah Present” you will get eleven stories — and a bonus novella.

We’re so convinced you’ll like it, so we’re going to give you one of our favorite stories as a gift…

Just click on this link, and enjoy a free PDF of “The Lethal Latkes”

And you can buy the whole book — 11 stories and a novella — ebook editions on sale $4.99 ($9.99 after  November 1), softcover edition $14.95

A Hanukkah Present! - Mark Binder

 Why buy this book?

“For the past three years, I have read A Hanukkah Present to my children over the eight days of Chanukah.  The stories read and wear so well, that the book has become an annual tradition which we all look forward to.”
–Jackson Gillman

Why else?

It was the finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature.

Why else?

Because it makes a great gift for children, parents, grandparents and even kids away from school in college!

In the meantime, as a token of our thanks, we’re going to give you “The Lethal Latkes” a free sample from the book. You can share this with your family and friends, and even pass it along to others.

“The Lethal Latkes” is one of our favorite stories, as noted in the New York Times, “…not a murder mystery. It concerns some awful-tasting latkes (potato pancakes) and what you might call another Hanukkah miracle: love.”

Just click on this link, and enjoy a free PDF of “The Lethal Latkes”

~ Stephen Brendan

P.S. Here are some quick links to the softcover, ebooks, and audio…

Softcover: http://amzn.to/softcover_hanukkah

iBooks (iPad, iPod and iPhone) http://bit.ly/ibook_hanukkah

Kindle – http://amzn.to/kindle_hanukkah

Nook – http://bit.ly/nook_hanukkah

A Hanukkah Present (audio on iTunes)

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