Fat Charlie and the Witch — a Spooky Halloween Comedy

Mark’s been performing this story for years. Live, it only runs about 10 minutes. This is an extended audio-book version. As Mark says, it’s not politically correct, just spooky and gross.

Fat Charlie and the Witch (MP3 audio 21 min.)
Fat Charlie and the Witch (MP3 audio 21 min.)
"Fat Charlie and the Witch" isn't politically correct. It's just true. When I was a kid, one of my best friends was named Fat Charlie. His favorite holiday was Halloween. One year, he decided to go up to the Witch's house and take all her candy. It was NOT a good idea. Spooky and disgusting spoken-word story by an award-winning author and story performer for anyone with a sense of humor. 20 minutes, 58MB
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