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The Cinderella experience is multiplied in Cinderella Spinderella, the forthcoming illustrated ebook

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cinderella_media_banner“Cinderella Spinderella is about more than the dresses,” said author Mark Binder. “This book is about a young woman powerfully choosing her identity.”

Several years ago, author Mark Binder was performing stories for a diverse audience of urban youth and parents in Boston and at a camp for children with disabilities. He wrote and Cinderella Spinderella as a way to bridge the groups.

“When I performed the story, I never described what she looked like,” Binder said. “Now readers can choose.”

Cinderella Spinderella uses ebook technology allows each reader to customize the story so that his or her family can be reflected in the pictures. Is she Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or from the Indian subcontinent? Children and parents can pick from 25 combinations.

Beautifully retold in an modern setting with more than 300 illustrations by Rhode Islander Steve Mardo, this book is destined to become your family’s first favorite ebook.

Cinderella Spinderella will be available through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and of course for the iPad in the iTunes Bookstore. The book will also be distributed as an eBook giftcard through independent bookstores and toy stores. It’s official release date is December 3, 2013. Suitable for Grades K-3 and families.

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BIO: Mark Binder is an engaging author and professional story performer. He travels the world sharing his work with families and children of all ages in venues from schools to auditoriums to theaters. He has extensive experience in live and taped radio and television interviews.

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