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Thanks for using our DropCard eBook Card! (If you don’t have a dropcard code, click here.)

Please download onto your computer BEFORE loading them onto your ebook reader.

NOTE: If you try to use it on a phone or pad, you’ll get an error message and may lose your code.

  1. Are you on a computer or laptop?
    PLEASE do not use the code on your Kindle, phone or tablet.
  2. Enter your download code
  3. Download your ebooks and bonus files.

We’ve chosen this method to make sure that you have the best experience and that your purchases are delivered intact and are backed up on your computer.

DropCard eBook Card FAQ

How can I read my ebook on my…   •  iPad        • Kindle        • Nook        • Kobo       • Mac, PC or Linux?

Click your link above, or for detailed (but easy) instructions visit our FAQ page –

I’d like to buy more eBookCards to share with friends.

That’s great!

Looks like you have entered a product ID () that doesn't exist in the product database. Please check your product ID value again!

I can’t download the files.

Please visit the DropCard Help Desk

I lost my card

Sorry, we can’t help you with that.

How do I listen to my MP3 Files?

Open the file on your computer or load it onto your digital device using the manufacturer’s instructions. (ie, drag it into iTunes)

What happens if I click “Download All” — or if I just pick one file?

If you click “Download all” you’ll get a zipped file with all the editions in one convenient place.
Otherwise, just pick the edition you want. Keep your code, come back and get a different edition later.

What are the different files?

MOBI files are for Kindle, EPUB are for all other eReaders, MP3 is audio for your listening pleasure. PDF files are readable almost anywhere.

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