The Cinderella Spinderella eBook Greeting Card – so stores can profit from an eBook!

How can you sell an eBook in a store?

We think we’ve found a way.

We know that children’s ebooks are a new and somewhat weird thing for a store to even consider “selling.”

That’s why we’ve created the Cinderella Spinderella eBook/Gift Card package.

It’s a lovely greeting card with an ebook card on the inside. The outside card is cardboard, the ebook download card is plastic. It’s glue-dotted onto the card. The whole package comes in a sealed crystalclear polybag.

The ebook/card package retails for $7.99 with a 50% discount, but if you’re interested in ordering now, we’ll take an additional 10% off plus free shipping on quantities of 24 or more. This offer is good through 12/2/2013.

Here’s what it looks like. Click an image for a larger view.:


To order now, please call 401-484-0228 or visit our wholesale orders page:

For more information, please contact Stephen Brendan: