Checking the Banks book and ebook

Checking the Banks by Tom Sgouros - Softcover
Why are banks too big to fail?

How come bankers take the profits while we take the risks?

Checking the Banks is an easy-to-read primer on how a bank—and the banking system—works. Complex ideas, like what is a bank’s capital, along with leverage, risk-weighting, and repo transactions are explained and made simple.

“Tom Sgouros offers a sorely-needed set of recipes for building financial institutions that respond to the needs of our economy and the desires of our citizens—from credit unions to cooperatives, and from special-purpose municipal authorities to full-fledged public banking institutions.”

There has never been a more important time for people to understand how the financial system works… and why it doesn’t.

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Checking the Banks by Tom Sgouros - eBook
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Checking the Banks is also available for Kindle on Amazon.

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