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Loki Ragnarok – Digital Media Kit

Loki Ragnarok Audio Book Cover

Who says Thor’s a good guy? An epic revision of the Norse myth of apocalypse Loki Ragnarok Epic • Norse Mythologyby Mark BinderAudio 77 min. • Print 75 pages  Release Date 11/1/2017 Press and Media Inquiries:Lou IMAGESAudio Book Cover…

Transmit Joy Media Kit

Transmit Joy - an awesome audio storybook (front cover)

The official release date is September 16, 2016. Preorders are being taken at and possibly (depending on their systems) through iTunes and Amazon and Audible and GooglePlayMusic. No, there is no printed book! (Although there is a downloadable coloring…

A Seriously Great Review from The Onion!

Amazing Story Teller In Our Midst “[Mark Binder’s] books, audio recordings and performed works are inspiring, often humorous and always contagiously engaging.… “Cinderella Spinderella is a marvelously told, beautifully illustrated book that at its core is about powerfully choosing your…

Cinderella Spinderella – Mentioned in Providence Journal

Digital City already thinking big as it opens its doors in downtown Providence A lovely mention of Cinderella Spinderella in the Providence Journal today: Also available at:

Cinderella Spinderella Radio Tour Begins!

Cinderella Spinderella, a modern message of empowerment with author Mark Binder … via @ePodcastNetwork

Ethni-Cinderella pops up at the reader – MEDIA RELEASE

The Cinderella experience is multiplied in Cinderella Spinderella, the forthcoming illustrated ebook Request for Coverage * Review * Interview For more information, and to schedule an interview, please contact: Steven Brendan, 401-484-0228, “Cinderella Spinderella is about more than the…

Cinderella Spinderella Media Kit

For Media inquires and Public Relations: Lou Pop, or call (401) 474-0228. For a complete media kit, please click here: Cinderella Spinderella Media Kit Cinderella Spinderella illustrated ebook with 25 variations included 48 pages. Full Color $7.99 ebook (eBook ISBN: 978-0-9824707-3-2)…

Cinderella Spinderella Media Image Gallery

Click the image in the gallery for a 300 DPI version. If you need a large image, please email Attribution: Cinderella Spinderella is written by Mark Binder and illustrated by Steve Mardo. Copyright 2014 by Light Publications, all rights reserved.

Reviewer Information for Cinderella Spinderella

Dear Reader/Reviewer, Thank you for taking the time to read/review Cinderella Spinderella. NOTE: Because there are 25 possible variation, Cinderella Spinderella is designed to be an ebook first with a secondary/promotional print edition. The PDF is a <very> rough layout of a…