Book Series: It Ate My Sister

Groston Adventures Series
Join Mark, Adam, Ellen, Kovar and Fat Charlie as they get into (and out of) trouble.

The Zombie Cat

Witches, Tsunami, Toxic Chemicals and Tossed Cookies
-We didn't mean to get into trouble. The trouble always found us...-
This is a book about a bunch of ordinary kids who have extraordinary adventures. What happens when my friend Kovar brings his sister's cat from the dead? What happens when my cousin Adam finally goes boogie boarding? Was it really a good idea to take candy from the doorstep of the witch's house? And what about the inter-school game of capture the flag that we played with water guns?
Epic humor, horror and pungent stanks...
Written for young people and adults with a sense of humor, The Zombie Cat includes seven stories plus a full length chapter book (novella).
Mark Binder is the storytelling author of more than 20 books and audio books, including It Ate My Sister and It was a dark and stormy night... Much of his work is multigenerational for diverse audiences of listeners and readers. An internationally renowned performer, he tours the world sharing truths, telling lies and transmitting joy.

Fun, funny, disgusting and exciting!

It Ate My Sister (and other family stories)

 Like many siblings, Mark and his older sister Ellen don't get along. She tortures him, calls him names and regularly locks him out of the bathroom.

Mark decides to take revenge…

From bullies and wild snakes to exploding turkeys and a mysterious "Running Head," these are stories that will make you smile, laugh, and occasionally spook you out.

“If this is true, then I’m still alive!”-Frank Zappa

Seven complete stories, and a full-length novel.