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Transmit Joy! Parents Choice Gold for Audio Storytelling

Transmit Joy - an awesome audio storybook (front cover)

Cavemen! Wolves! Bad Manners!
A troll, a candy store and… bunny rabbits? Ten stories of food, friends and adventure that you and your children will enjoy again and again.

“a master at spinning old tales and everyday events into storytelling gold.”
– 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal for Audio Storytelling

Transmit Joy! is a 65 minute audio book for early learners, fans of stories, parents and teachers.

Educational and fun! • Excellent for Early Learners • Splendid for School Age • Perfect for car rides

The Bed Time Story Book

36 Familiar favorites and illustrated classics that will enchant the whole family!

More than 60,000 Bed Time Story Books have been sold!

Ages 3-7 and parents/caregivers.

Mark Binder's best-selling collection of stories for young people (and their parents and caregivers)

Includes bonus essay, "Telling and Reading Stories with Children"

Turn bed time into fun family time! The Bed Time Story Book is a wonderfully original colection that will entertain the entire family.

"Accompanied by classic illustrations, the stories are retold in an exceptionally amusing style and perfect for reading aloud!"

These are the classic stories that you enjoyed as a child, and will want to share with your own children.

Makes a perfect gift.