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a free serialized Hanukkah story

by Mark Binder
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Sign up for a free serialized Hanukkah Story for all ages by former candidate @barkminder Subscribe at http://bit.ly/hanukkah_serial

After finishing his run as an Independent Candidate for State Rep from Rhode Island District 4, award-winning author Mark Binder is giving back something to the community.

Starting today, readers around the state will be able to sign up for a free serialization of “Out of the Woods” an eight-part story about an entire village’s narrow escape from destruction.

Readers can sign up for this free serial at http://bit.ly/hanukkah_serial
Every day for the next eight days they will receive a new installment in the story.

“This is a story that has nothing to do with Rhode Island Politics or the fiscal cliff” said award-winning author Mark Binder. “Chelm is a village in the middle of nowhere, In the cold of winter, on the eve of Hanukkah, the last thing they expect is to be under attack.”

The story is one of twelve tales from Binder’s collection, A Hanukkah Present, which was the finalist for the National Jewish Book award for family literature. The collection includes humorous and heartwarming stories about lethal latkes, gigantic challah bread, frozen flames, and a most unusual duck. It is set in the Chelm, a village of wise fools, and features a wealth of characters including the ancient Rabbi Kibbitz, Mrs. Chaipul the caterer, and Doodle, the village orphan.

“Doodle is actually the hero of several stories,” Binder said. “He and his friend Rachel Cohen are able to organize and protect the villagers from the wrath of Vasilly Petrovich, the Captain of the Lightning Cossack Raiders. They are also very kind.”

The story is written for all ages. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the story. It can be read by teens and elementary students, enjoyed by seniors and read aloud by parents to their younger children.

“Serializing a story slows it down and increases the suspense,” Binder explained. “With cliff hangers and the time between installments, the story becomes more and more delicious.”

Mark Binder is a professional author and storyteller. He is the founder of the American Story Theater. He teaches “Telling Lies” to undergraduates at the Rhode Island School of Design. A former editor of the Rhode Island Jewish Voice and Herald, he is the author of three books in the “Chelm” series: A Hanukkah Present, Matzah Mishugas, and The Brothers Schlemiel.

A Hanukkah Present is also available in book, ebook and audio form. Softcover copies are available from Amazon.com and BN.com. Ebook editions are available for Kindle, nook, kobo, Android, iPad and iPhone through iBooks. Audio versions of stories are available on Amazon, Android, and iTunes

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Readers can sign up for this free serial at http://bit.ly/hanukkah_serial
Every day for the next eight days they will receive a new installment in the story.

For more information about the book, ebook and audio editions of A Hannukah Present, please visit https://lightpublications.com/hanukkah/

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