Ten Things You Don’t Know About Rhode Island

Ten Things You Don't Know About Rhode Island by Tom Sgouros
Rhode Island is in a crisis! Oh, wait. You knew that already.
Many other people do, too.
Have you ever wondered why, since so many people agree, no one seems to be able to do anything about it?

In TEN THINGS, Tom Sgouros, describes the breakdowns Rhode Island is in the midst of, and the “conventional tale” of how we got here:

• intransigent unions? • greedy poor people? • a tanking economy?
Sgouros also describes the reasons this conventional tale should be consigned to a conventional wastebasket—the unions aren’t that powerful, the poor people aren’t that expensive, and the economy isn’t the real problem. Instead, Sgouros presents the real story about how we came to this pass—by making some very expensive choices, ignoring some important issues, and using some dramatically growing revenues to hide the real problems. This is fine while the growth lasts, but when the music stops… what then?

The ten things? You’ll have to read the book to find them (and more).
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