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Mark Binder – Author and Storyteller

Mark Binder

Author, storyteller, nice guy… Mark Binder* likes baking bread and pizza. He loves reading and writing, swimming under water, dining well and quaffing deeply, battling the forces of darkness, creating cool projects, having great adventures and telling lies about them. He…

Tom Sgouros – Author


Tom Sgouros is a freelance researcher and writer about public policy, statistics, software and assorted other technical topics. His clients range from candidates for office, to advocacy groups and Fortune 500 companies. In Rhode Island, he has done policy work…

John Speck – Author

Born in a working class New Jersey town, raised in a “snotty, white, Connecticut suburb” and brought to life on the streets of San Francisco, John Speck is a living contradiction; whatever he does, he most likely does the opposite.…